Far Cry

Far Cry
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SeriesFar Cry
Release dateNorth America Mar 23, 2004
Europe Mar 26, 2004
Genre(s)First-person shooter, Action, Sci-fi
Platform(s)PC (Windows)
Ratings(s)ESRB: Mature


[edit] This page may contain material that could spoil parts of the game's plot.

Far Cry is the first of a series of first-person shooters, originally developed by Crytek Studios, and published by Ubisoft.

Unlike its indirect sequels, which are open-world games, Far Cry is linear and progresses through a series of missions.

[edit] Paradise Gone Wrong

Far Cry tells a story of one Jack Carver, an ex-special ops, now trying to make a living as charter for boat trips. When a strange woman, Valerie Constantine, contacts him with a request to take her to a fictional, uncharted island belonging to the states of Micronesia, claiming to be a reporter, he finds himself on the receiving end of a missile courtesy of the local mercenaries, and winds up stranded on the beach, with Valerie nowhere to be found.

[edit] Of Mercenaries and Mutants

Eventually, Jack stumbles across a PDA and is contacted by a mysterious man who calls himself Doyle, who tells him that a self-proclaimed doctor by the name of Krieger has been performing grotesque biological experiments on various living things, as a means of testing a mutagen he developed in a lab on one of the islands. The agent was designed to enhance all of a creature's senses, as well as its carnal instincts, and it seemed to do just that. When they injected the native primates, as well as a few captives, with the serum however, it mutated them into what the scientists refer to as Trigens, homicidal creatures with little tolerance for others.

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